Leading the way

We utilize next-generation platforms and contemporary techniques that provide dramatically improved capabilities compared to conventional technologies. Here are just a few examples of the creative thinking and real world pragmatism we bring to the table:

Network Storage and Computing – Traditional networks attached to RAID arrays have given way to more flexible storage platforms that can support multiple service levels using methods like storage virtualization and thin provisioning.
Backup, Recovery, and Disaster Recovery – Long-standing tape libraries are being subordinated to emerging technical approaches consisting of enterprise backup software, in-line data de-duplication, data replication, and workflow automation.

Configuration Management and Service Automation – The inefficiencies of spreadsheets, scripts, and manual processes have been replaced with elegant configuration management platforms that allow a single operator to effectively manage thousands of servers worldwide.

Technical Documentation – Historically, canned user manuals and installation notes have passed as adequate. The level of investment made in these systems deserves content-rich, professional documentation created with the user in mind.

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